Summer or winter, the guide knows what he's doing.

The island archipelago is marvellous and calming.

Good customer service, friendliness, an easy atmosphere, no rushing.

Having a snack and coffee over a campfire on the island was a good call on all accounts, it was nice to have some solid ground under your feet for a bit.

The lure that the guide recommended has really proved its worth at my lakeside cabin.

The general atmosphere during the trip was nice and relaxed.

Good fishing equipment and guidance.

Visiting the island was the best part, and it was a pretty magical place. Esker woods covered in moss and a huge amount of fly agarics was a great place for photos.

Excellent food (breakfast beforehand and lunch on the island).

The best part of the trip was the comprehensive nature experience with the birds and the seals. There was plenty of time to fish, and there was no stress about having to catch something.

Safety was well managed. And while standing on the boat, the guide was careful to warn us before we started moving again.

The boat is a good one and so is the fishing equipment.